Each year FunShine Express creates a Starter Pack for each age group to help teachers get off to a good start in their classrooms. All of these items are attached to FunShine Digital activities as they are needed. This year, we are providing all of these items in one area to allow you to customize your daily lesson plans even more!

You can print the Starter Pack items below, OR you can purchase a printed Starter Pack (for 0-3 OR for 3-5 years) at a price of $20 from FunShine Express. Find those here.

Buttercups 0-3 year Starter Pack Printable Items

Weather Display

Color and Shape Display

Color and Shape Display Pieces for the Year 

Welcome Banner

Number Concept Cube Cards

Shape Concept Cube Cards

Fireflies 3-5 Year Starter Pack Printable Items

Weather Display and Pieces

Color/Shape/Number Display Base

Color/Shape/Number Display Pieces

Calendar Grid

Color Concept Cube Cards

Number Concept Cube Cards

Word Wall Heading and Helper Cards

A-Z Alphabet Displays - This includes 26 Alphabet Display Cards to introduce letters each month in the order you choose and includes multicultural sign language!

A, B, C        D, E, F         G, H, I          J, K, L         M, N, O        P, Q, R          S, T, U        V, W, X         Y, Z

Bonus! Extra Construction Zone Pieces