Authentic Assessment with FunShine Digital

Last year, FunShine Express developed an authentic assessment system based on observation that easily paired
with FunShine curriculum. We created a teacher-friendly three-step process to assessment:

1. Plan activities to observe
2. Gather evidence, adjust curriculum, and build portfolio
3. Meet with parents

This year, we have enhanced our assessment system by providing more guidance to help you know what to assess. First, we have created a suggested list of activities for assessment (see below).  We have also embedded Observation suggestions into these activities to help you know what to look for as you make your observations. (Look for the blue text!) We have defined the proficiency levels (N, E, and Y) and have provided more guidance to help you individualize instruction for your children. 

We have made recording observations easier by creating the FunShine Online Group Assessment Worksheet. Simply download and print the worksheet, add each child's name and the indicators/standards you will assess, and implement the activity. Download the FunShine Online Group Assessment Worksheet HERE!

Additionally, we have created new Child Progress Reports which provide space for recording and sharing four assessments for each indicator during the year. The Child Progress Reports are available online for you to print and use (see below), or you may purchase printed copies from FunShine Express HERE. For more information about assessment and individualization strategies, please see the Program Overview, Monitoring Development: FunShine Assessment.


Suggested Activities to Assess: 2019-2020

Infants and Toddlers (0-3 years)

4th Quarter 18/19: June-August

1st Quarter: September -November


Preschoolers (3-5 years)

4th Quarter 18/19: June-August

1st Quarter: September-November


Printable Child Progress Reports or Purchase Printed Copies from FunShine Express

Infant Child Progress Report

Young Toddler Child Progress Report

Older Toddler Child Progress Report

Three Year Old Child Progress Report

Four and Five Year Old Child Progress Report

Theme Assessments